Thoughts on The National column 12th November 2018

I do not think it “remains to be seen” that the Scottish Socialist Party is a Yes supporting, explicitly working-class-based party. It is that, in its very bones. But it does struggle with considerable illusions in Corbyn’s Labour and an all-things-to-all-people SNP juggernaut. But, much of what is said in today’s column by former SSP MSP Carolyn Leckie comes from a distance. It is a piecemeal second-hand report on the conference, laser-focused on our joint national spokesperson, Colin Fox and makes light of the many contributions SSP members make and continues to make in the grassroots of the Yes movement. … Continue reading Thoughts on The National column 12th November 2018

Statement – standing for Social Media Officer

I was asked to provide a 500 word statement to the SSP when standing for the post of Social Media Officer. The social media of a political party should reflect its choices, priorities and activism. Each intervention should tell a story. It should address and promote our perspective on current affairs and work done. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods used to syndicate ideas and increase our party’s visibility. It requires investment, it requires labour, it requires feeding, perpetually. The world doesn’t stop turning because a party spokesperson is on holiday, or can’t be reached. I view … Continue reading Statement – standing for Social Media Officer