Letter for enshrining trans equality in marriage law

Dear Mr Chisholm,

I wish to thank you very much for your vote in favour of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill. This ensures that Scotland continues its progression as a country equal for all its citizens in her laws. Sometimes, absent of party hackery and tribalism, I can be in awe of the maturity and respect in the Scottish Parliament. I was deeply moved and delighted by the turnout and generally very high quality of the debate. Continue reading “Letter for enshrining trans equality in marriage law”

In which Scott thanks the leader of the Tories

Dear Ms Davidson,

I wish to thank you, so very much for your proud, passionate contribution to tonight’s equal marriage debate.

More than the many other fine contributors to the debate of this progressive bill, in your most personal speech, you spoke for me. You gave voice to enshrining the hope, truth and the forming of stable families which become confident able communities. More than this, you articulated the underlying need for this bill – to remove “that otherness” which need never permeate modern Scotland – and that young LGBTI people know that the their government has their back. Continue reading “In which Scott thanks the leader of the Tories”