Thoughts on The National column 12th November 2018

I do not think it “remains to be seen” that the Scottish Socialist Party is a Yes supporting, explicitly working-class-based party. It is that, in its very bones. But it does struggle with considerable illusions in Corbyn’s Labour and an all-things-to-all-people SNP juggernaut. But, much of what is said in today’s column by former SSP MSP Carolyn Leckie comes from a distance. It is a piecemeal second-hand report on the conference, laser-focused on our joint national spokesperson, Colin Fox and makes light of the many contributions SSP members make and continues to make in the grassroots of the Yes movement. … Continue reading Thoughts on The National column 12th November 2018

Statement – standing for Social Media Officer

I was asked to provide a 500 word statement to the SSP when standing for the post of Social Media Officer. The social media of a political party should reflect its choices, priorities and activism. Each intervention should tell a story. It should address and promote our perspective on current affairs and work done. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods used to syndicate ideas and increase our party’s visibility. It requires investment, it requires labour, it requires feeding, perpetually. The world doesn’t stop turning because a party spokesperson is on holiday, or can’t be reached. I view … Continue reading Statement – standing for Social Media Officer

Conservative Prospectuses won’t cut it – Outflank Corbyn

There’s been two and a half years of non-campaigning on independence other than marches and rallies to keep spirits up.

Instead of campaigning for independence, we’ve had four SNP elections with milky non-confrontational anti-politics full of slogans like “Stronger For Scotland”. To which I would ask, which Scotland? And how does this strength manifest – there’s been few SNP platforms to inspire and uplift working people.

Corbyn understands little about the national question and is clearly being briefed by reactionary and independence-hostile elements in the branch office. Nevertheless, he is gaining power and popularity by articulating left solutions to social problems. Housebuilding, nationalised energy, public railways – mana from heaven for those one in four Scots who haven’t the means to save for retirement. Continue reading “Conservative Prospectuses won’t cut it – Outflank Corbyn”

Video Production: a series

The democratisation of our media – including the continuing work of the Scottish Socialist Voice – has given birth to high-quality internet streaming video and affordable camera equipment, often in the form of broadcast quality high-definition video in the palm of your hand. This liberates creators, broadcasters and filmmakers.

Cinema bears its fruit; one of the first films of note that grasped the possibility of home-made media was Jonathan Caouette’s intensely personal documentary, Tarnation in 2003. Telling the story of his life and relationship with his mentally ill mother – the film was initially made for a tiny total budget of $218.32, using free iMovie software on a Mac home computer, and went on to critical acclaim. The power and decreasing cost of cameras, audio capture and computing power have exploded since then.

As your elected social media co-ordinator, I regularly and clearly see the difference in engagement between posts with embedded graphics and video, to those without. Continue reading “Video Production: a series”

Video production – Exposure

Getting an acceptable image on a DSLR is generally not difficult. Getting a professional, consistent, stable image is occasionally very hard.



The single greatest aspect of achieving a pleasing image is ensuring the image is exposed well. Exposure is the process in which light reaching the camera’s sensor is absorbed, quantified, converted to an electrical signal and digitally coded into a recorded image. It is comparable to the photochemical film equivalent of light reaching the photosensitive film in sufficient quantity, so it can be developed later. Continue reading “Video production – Exposure”