An appeal to the well-read.

I am not very well-read. I know more about cinema than I do any other art form, and I suspect it’s hampering my abilities to communicate – at least in appreciation of shared contextual comedy and avoiding general ignorance. Therefore my New Year Resolutions (yes, they’re made to be broken – I’ll try not to) include the following two. I’ll write a blog post at least once a fortnight – including this one. Some may be friends locked, some may be private to me alone. All that psychological nonsense that clogs up my right hemisphere late at night when frantically trying … Continue reading An appeal to the well-read.

For Gallifrey! For VICTORY!

For the least original blogpost in all history.

Someone pinch me, 2010 was the year that someone actually remembered that Doctor Who is supposed to be fun. When it’s scary, it’s fun. When it’s light and funny, it’s fun. Matt Smith is blessed with the kind of natural eccentricity and downright weirdness not seen in the Doctor since Tom Baker. Fourteen episodes down, and he is *my* Doctor, exposing the much beloved Tennant as a bit of a mopey git. In spite of budget cuts they shot in high-definition and had some very imaginative people manning the camera and production design – they made the most of what they had.

So, from best to worst: Continue reading “For Gallifrey! For VICTORY!”