An appeal to the well-read.

I am not very well-read. I know more about cinema than I do any other art form, and I suspect it’s hampering my abilities to communicate – at least in appreciation of shared contextual comedy and avoiding general ignorance. Therefore my New Year Resolutions (yes, they’re made to be broken – I’ll try not to) include the following two.

  1. I’ll write a blog post at least once a fortnight – including this one. Some may be friends locked, some may be private to me alone. All that psychological nonsense that clogs up my right hemisphere late at night when frantically trying to sleep will be dumped there. Apologies in advance if any of you should be exposed to it. I may also review films and Doctor Who.
  2. I should become better-read. Fifty books over the course of the year should be manageable.

So, my appeal to the groupthink. Please suggest books that will not turn up in those terribly dry “*arbitrary number* of X to Y before you die” listspeak books. I’ll be reading stuff from the “long established classics” nodegel too, and would appreciate some suggestions to randomise it a little.


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