Objection to Robin McAlpine speaking with Sheridan


I’ve got a great deal of time for you. You make an unconscionable case for a better way of doing politics and agitating for social and economic equality. But I protest your appearance at Tommy Sheridan’s Hope Over Fear rally tomorrow.

You doubtless already know Sheridan is a convicted perjurer, misogynist and abuser. His ridiculous, divisive, septic antics, throwing dozens of committed socialists and activists under the bus in an effort to cover up his sex life is a matter of public record. He brought the full force of the law to compel and humiliate women and activists whose only crime were to either stand up to his hugely destructive madcap tower of lies, or to share a bed with him.

The Radical Independence Campaign and Women For Independence have standing procedures to never share a platform with him.

He is also the person most primarily responsible for the almost-total destruction of Britain’s most successful socialist organisation in many decades – the Scottish Socialist Party – who are barely recovering from it, even now.

Your legitimising the perjurer Sheridan is an incredible insult to all of these people. Disregarding any respect for women, other activists and ordinary punters who just wanted to create a better society, whose lives and movement he put through the mincer – and to this day, shows no remorse whatsoever.

I’m in the SSP. My close family were hit by the bedroom tax, and I met with some of their activists who helped my mother apply for Discretionary Housing Payments. I found myself in agreement with many of their policies and activism and joined not long afterwards. I am also involved in Common Weal Edinburgh North & Leith – and am no stranger to cross-party collaboration in order to further progressive goals.

In summary, you can have Sheridan, or you can have a strong, somewhat-cohesive left. You cannot have both at the same time. I send this in hope that this gives you pause to reconsider or if you don’t, I remind you to pack a long spoon.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Macdonald

P.S. The steering group in Common Weal Edinburgh North & Leith have seen this letter. They wish to add their shared sentiments and wish to have their shared objection noted by the Common Weal board.

Please circulate this letter among the board.


2 responses to “Objection to Robin McAlpine speaking with Sheridan”

  1. Yep. Except I don’t think you mean ‘an unconscionable case’

  2. Well said, Scott. I thought Robin of all people, would shy away from Sheridan. Sheridan has went from independence sceptic, to independence lite, to now knowing it is the cause that can be used to get him the £60k+ salary in Holyrood he so craves. If he gets it, I hope those in parliament working for him are ready to do all of the work, because as someone who was in the party at the time he was last there, I know his case load went to others while he enjoyed adoration and spending my hard earned donations to the party as petty cash in Manchester.

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