SSP Alliance?

The Scottish Socialist Party have explicitly endorsed a pro-independence alliance in order to silence the Labour Party in Scotland. It’s not a bad idea. “Red Tories out” is a good message for those being bitten by the Conservative Party, and ignored by HM’s official Opposition.

Colin Fox, national co-spokesperson of the Scottish Socialist Party writes: ”I urge the SNP and the Greens to join with the SSP in standing ‘Independence Alliance’ candidates in 2015, put our own individual interests to one side, and break the Labour Party’ historic stranglehold on Scottish politics. Let’s not lose what we have built.”

As a piece of politicking, it’ll be ignored by party hacks and disparaged by party faithfuls. But not by the pro-independence grassroots, and those who remember putting partisan interest aside and working their asses off in local Yes Scotland groups. It’s a rather interesting bit of brute force manoeuvring.


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