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  • Independence Facebook exchange

    A Facebook exchange. Better Together-supporter called Andrew: If I may ask, why do you support independence? Reply: Hi Andrew, Sorry about not replying sooner, I’ve not checked this folder in weeks. And you’re very welcome to ask.

  • In which Scott thanks the leader of the Tories

    Dear Ms Davidson, I wish to thank you, so very much for your proud, passionate contribution to tonight’s equal marriage debate. More than the many other fine contributors to the debate of this progressive bill, in your most personal speech, you spoke for me. You gave voice to enshrining the hope, truth and the forming…

  • Modern politicking

    I’m a newcomer to politics. Since jumping off the fence on the independence referendum in mid-April 2011; this year has been the most eventful of my political life. It had to be. Looking at the challenges facing Yes Scotland, and having came to the conclusion that Scotland would be to my mind better off: socially,…

  • Workfare vote

    Dear Mr. Lazarowicz, I write to you today to express my concern at my understanding that the Labour Party will not oppose the government’s retrospective legislation on workfare. The bill seeks to retrospectively excuse the DWP from reimbursing wrongly sanctioned claimants.