Conservative Prospectuses won’t cut it – Outflank Corbyn

There’s been two and a half years of non-campaigning on independence other than marches and rallies to keep spirits up. Instead of campaigning for independence, we’ve had four SNP elections with milky non-confrontational anti-politics full of slogans like “Stronger For Scotland”. To which I would ask, which Scotland? And how does this strength manifest – there’s been few SNP platforms …

EU and Independence Paper

The Scottish Socialist Party recognised that a Brexit vote under the present circumstances would unlock a “carnival of reaction” – a tidal wave of racism and little Islander mentality which would continue to blame and demean migrants and those seeking asylum for Britain’s catastrophic failures on working class people. We also noted the revolutionary left Leave argument was strategically inept …

Two years on – and the economics of campaigning

Saturday, I went to Stirling. Later in the evening, the Stirling Branch comrades had a curry night, to raise cash for the branch. We ended up with a shade under a hundred quid – which was by no means bad. The same night, there was a “supporters of the union” fundraiser – which raised around £300,000. It was attended largely …

Recent SSP video pieces

Saturday and Sunday – was in Stirling. Stayed over on the branch organiser’s sofa. Had a pile of work to do, so headed there early, and brought my laptop to start work on a branch movie poster campaign, and to knit together a reasonably complex short film about the RMT’s struggle to keep the guards on trains.

The European Question

It’s not been an easy choice. The Leave and Remain campaigns have been absolutely bereft of anything positive to say about the future of the nation either way. I’m for Remain. But just barely – I do not endorse the EU as it is manifested. It’s nowhere near democratic enough. more weight could be placed on the power of directly-elected …

Referendum Night

I don’t think I’ve managed to get over that night. I’ve really tried to, by diving into political work – and trying to develop the tools and the means of organising, and fighting future elections.

A year in review – Part 2 – April

I’m mostly going to be writing this as stream of consciousness – as I recall it happening, and my thoughts around the time. Straight into April! None of the April Fools were funny. The Scottish Greens came closest – A sneaky wee press-release on their website, entitled. “Independence is our opportunity to protect outer space.” They clearly had spies in …

A year in review – Part 1

This was the year I became a political activist worth a damn. It was also the year the paranoid proved to be prophets. I found both Scottish political year in review programmes exhausting. Rather than revisiting the past, I was reliving it. And it hurt terribly.

Getting pro-independence candidates elected in 2016

We’ve seen some remarkable polling in the past couple of days. As the referendum fallout continues, the British Labour Party’s Scotland branch disintegrates, divides and is (presently) leaderless. As they reunite, it’s clear that there’s an opportunity to deliver as many pro-independence candidates to Holyrood in 2016 as possible. To do so, requires a bit of psephological analysis – and …

A draft letter to Leithers

People of Leith: be proud. You registered to vote in droves, you engaged, debated, argued the future, faced down scaremongering, fear and already-unravelling lies to return a Yes result across Leith and Leith Walk polling districts. It wasn’t enough. The people of Scotland said No: 55% to 45%. So, let’s take a look at what’s coming.