Welcoming our revitalised networks

In our pursuit of equality for all, we recognise the importance of rejecting discrimination other than from class. We reject the patriarchy, we reject discrimination of age, homophobia and race. We see the need to confront these actively in wider society, including vigilance inside our own party where they manifest or as individuals.

Therefore we welcome our newly revitalised networks, and future such endeavours, to ensure the marginalised have a strong voice within our party.

On the women’s network. It is not enough to say that you’re for equality for women – albeit one motivated by a basic sense of fairness and justice. You have to consider the myriad ways in which patriarchy manifests itself, and what myths we may perpetuate within ourselves that patriarchy creates in wider society. In welcoming the women’s network, we are reminded that feminism is a crucial part of the class struggle, and never a distraction.

On the young people’s network, we recognise that a lifetime of desperately low-paid, insecure work, tenancy and anger at a loss of hope – driven by ideological Tory and Labour butchers selling out the future – needs to be fought. In welcoming the youth network we are reminded that equality of opportunity and outcome is the primary focus of our party.

In the proposed re-establishment of these networks, and any others that seek self-organisation – disabled activists, the LGBT community – the SSP recognises the commitment to facilitate participation, self-organisation and contribution as an integral place within the party and their role in continuing to build the mass case for socialism in Scotland.

We further pledge to engage with the networks constructively and with comradely kindness and solidarity.

Edinburgh North and East Lothian


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