Month: April 2014

  • YENL 12th April

    An excellent morning and early afternoon on the campaign trail. Lots of work done, lots of conversations, lots more volunteers and crucially, lots more people engaged and moved towards Yes. I love days like today, may we have many, many more of them in the coming months.

  • Off to Flanders for the weekend

    Well, that was an interesting weekend… Second-to-last Friday, I get home. Bit tired, needing to wring myself out before a weekend’s campaigning. Check Facebook and Twitter. The ever alert Connor Beaton (@zcbeaton) highlighted this tweet from Natalie McGarry – a recent SNP parliamentary candidate and activist within Women for Independence (give ’em a couple of…

  • On writing implements

    I’m trying to recreate the writing implements of my youth. I’m browsing stationary stores, looking for pads of just the right kind of squared paper in which I learned the quadratic formula, proved the sine rule, came up with a rudimentary proof of Pythagoras, wrote simple algorithms to find perfect numbers, came to a crash…