A guest post and short story. by Sandra Webster Gunter Hollinger had many regrets in his life. He had never married nor had children, he had seen little of the world apart from his corner of it.

Welcoming our revitalised networks

In our pursuit of equality for all, we recognise the importance of rejecting discrimination other than from class. We reject the patriarchy, we reject discrimination of age, homophobia and race. We see the need to confront these actively in wider society, including vigilance inside our own party where they manifest or as individuals. Therefore we welcome our newly revitalised networks, …

A year in review – Part 2 – April

I’m mostly going to be writing this as stream of consciousness – as I recall it happening, and my thoughts around the time. Straight into April! None of the April Fools were funny. The Scottish Greens came closest – A sneaky wee press-release on their website, entitled. “Independence is our opportunity to protect outer space.” They clearly had spies in …

A year in review – Part 1

This was the year I became a political activist worth a damn. It was also the year the paranoid proved to be prophets. I found both Scottish political year in review programmes exhausting. Rather than revisiting the past, I was reliving it. And it hurt terribly.

The last blog of Leelah Alcorn

This is the last blog of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teenager. It is a heartbreaking suicide note, about lack of support from family. After her death, that very same family pretend it wasn’t suicide, call her a boy, deletes the entire blog, and tries to hide it. No wonder, they’re obviously a big part of the problem. I don’t know …