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During today’s enormously successful, provocative and peaceful protests on the streets of London, there were several incidents of vandalism and infrequent rioter violence. This subverted the TUC protest and the subsequent media coverage.

Let’s be clear. I do not support arseholes who think that chucking paint bombs at banks and smashing up hotels is a way of legitimate protest. They are weak-minded fools who can’t express themselves well, or just like breaking stuff. In short, they’re cunts.

I wrote to the BBC to complain about their BBC News coverage. It went roughly as follows. I forgot to save it prior to sending, and as such I recreate the following from memory before I rest.

“I write to accuse the BBC of bias. On 26th March 2011, the BBC News 24-hour channel were careful to avoid reporting much that might reflect badly on the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government and their programme of brutal swingeing cuts – not necessarily “savings”, as has been liberally used instead of “cuts” in your prior reporting – across the vulnerable, and failing to follow up on their guests points of information where it might prove embarrassing. Additionally, they have studiously avoided reporting on police brutality on protesters after dark in Trafalgar.

Additionally, the BBC has failed at drawing clear distinctions between the following:

The TUC march – its aims, goals and incredibly peaceful outcome
The UKUncut action – intended to draw attention to those who are avoiding enormous quantities of UK tax
Violence by a vanishingly small proportion of rioters and the aforementioned misdirected police action and brutality in Trafalgar.

I know that it’s good to show breaking news as it occurs, but the proportion of sensationalist coverage of the rioters is counter-productive to the message of the TUC and UKUncut’s perfectly peaceful and valid form of protest. Sensationalism sells newspapers, but you are the BBC – you work for us and we expect fair news reporting.”


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