Modern politicking

I’m a newcomer to politics. Since jumping off the fence on the independence referendum in mid-April 2011; this year has been the most eventful of my political life. It had to be. Looking at the challenges facing Yes Scotland, and having came to the conclusion that Scotland would be to my mind better off: socially, democratically, internationally, environmentally, economically and …

Workfare vote

Dear Mr. Lazarowicz, I write to you today to express my concern at my understanding that the Labour Party will not oppose the government’s retrospective legislation on workfare. The bill seeks to retrospectively excuse the DWP from reimbursing wrongly sanctioned claimants.

Voting at 16 in the independence referendum

Dear Mr. Chisholm, I write to you today to highlight a potential issue in what is likely to be an issue in the upcoming 2014 independence referendum. I note that the agreement has yet to be confirmed, but it has been widely reported in the media that 16 and 17 year olds will be eligible to vote.

Communications snooping proposals – letter to MP

Dear Mr. Lazarowicz, I am a university-educated IT professional living within your constituency. I write to you today to express my disgust at the announcements made yesterday regarding the massive expansion of the online and cellular surveillance programme – RIPA – which may be part of Her Majesty’s speech in May. Leaked briefing notes suggest that the Liberal Democrats will …

Where Scottie writes to his Auntie

During today’s enormously successful, provocative and peaceful protests on the streets of London, there were several incidents of vandalism and infrequent rioter violence. This subverted the TUC┬áprotest and the subsequent media coverage. Let’s be clear. I do not support arseholes who think that chucking paint bombs at banks and smashing up hotels is a way of legitimate protest. They are …