A draft letter to Leithers

People of Leith: be proud. You registered to vote in droves, you engaged, debated, argued the future, faced down scaremongering, fear and already-unravelling lies to return a Yes result across Leith and Leith Walk polling districts.

It wasn’t enough. The people of Scotland said No: 55% to 45%. So, let’s take a look at what’s coming. Continue reading “A draft letter to Leithers”

Off to Flanders for the weekend

Well, that was an interesting weekend…

Second-to-last Friday, I get home. Bit tired, needing to wring myself out before a weekend’s campaigning. Check Facebook and Twitter. The ever alert Connor Beaton (@zcbeaton) highlighted this tweet from Natalie McGarry – a recent SNP parliamentary candidate and activist within Women for Independence (give ’em a couple of quid here):

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Tynecastle Welcomes Successful Second Super Saturday

Over the past year, hundreds of events organised by the Yes Scotland campaign across the country have seen dozens of supporters pounding pavements and engaging with the public in inventive and traditional ways. The Yes Edinburgh Super Saturday events bring a large group of Yes advocates together to show the collective strength of the city campaign, similar in scope and opportunity as the successful RIC Easterhouse Mass Canvass initiative. The first such Super Saturday in early February was a positive start in Edinburgh’s Pilton, Drylaw and Muirhouse areas – with solid pro-Yes canvass returns (43% Yes, 20% No, 37% undecided) and many newly registered to vote. Continue reading “Tynecastle Welcomes Successful Second Super Saturday”

Modern politicking

I’m a newcomer to politics. Since jumping off the fence on the independence referendum in mid-April 2011; this year has been the most eventful of my political life. It had to be. Looking at the challenges facing Yes Scotland, and having came to the conclusion that Scotland would be to my mind better off: socially, democratically, internationally, environmentally, economically and culturally as an independent country, I knew that I had to get involved.

It took a whole year of seeing the wanton destruction of modern Britain under radical cheap-work conservatives, NHS privatisation, food banks, crushed real wages leading to decreased living standards, failing energy regulation leading to huge profits for corporates, disability support cuts, tax avoidance on an gargantuan scale, and trebled tuition fees to get me off my backside. For that, I apologise to all good active citizens in taking so long to get here. In speaking to people, and doing an awful lot of reading about modern British political history, it’s like viewing the world clearly for the first time. And it’s horrifying.
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Dirty Money: The Tory Millionaire Bankrolling Better Together

This is a copy of an article posted by Michael Gray on April 7, 2013 on the website: National Collective. National Collective has been removed from the Internet. Some people just don’t understand The Streisand Effect! Copy, print, and share.

–> snip

Today ‘Better Together’ disclosed £1.1 million of donations to its campaign. Almost half of that sum came from one man: Ian Taylor, a long-term Conservative Party donor and Chief Executive of oil-traders Vitol plc.

Today’s Sunday Herald described Taylor as “a Scots oil trader with a major stake in the Harris Tweed industry”. They also gave Taylor’s views – who is reportedly worth £155 million – print space to justify his funding decision. Continue reading “Dirty Money: The Tory Millionaire Bankrolling Better Together”

Debtbusting in an independent Scotland

I should qualify some of this. Kezia Dugdale MSP in the Scottish Labour Party has done a lot of excellent work as a regional MSP in her Debtbusters campaign against pay-day loan companies. She was also the No campaign’s representative at a recent public debate.

–> snip

Dear Ms. Dugdale,

I’d like to state that I enjoy both our Twitter exchanges and keeping up to date with your activities and work. You came to my attention during your excellent regional work in Debtbusters. It is the complexities of this, as you highlighted in the Debating Scottish Independence public debate on 6th March, within the context of an independent Scotland, that I write to you today. I mentioned it to you on Twitter, and seek clarification now. Continue reading “Debtbusting in an independent Scotland”