Video Production: a series

The democratisation of our media – including the continuing work of the Scottish Socialist Voice – has given birth to high-quality internet streaming video and affordable camera equipment, often in the form of broadcast quality high-definition video in the palm of your hand. This liberates creators, broadcasters and filmmakers. Cinema bears its fruit; one of the first films of note …

Video production – Exposure

Getting an acceptable image on a DSLR is generally not difficult. Getting a professional, consistent, stable image is occasionally very hard. Exposure The single greatest aspect of achieving a pleasing image is ensuring the image is exposed well. Exposure is the process in which light reaching the camera’s sensor is absorbed, quantified, converted to an electrical signal and digitally coded into a …

Recent SSP video pieces

Saturday and Sunday – was in Stirling. Stayed over on the branch organiser’s sofa. Had a pile of work to do, so headed there early, and brought my laptop to start work on a branch movie poster campaign, and to knit together a reasonably complex short film about the RMT’s struggle to keep the guards on trains.

COMRADE – a brief explanation

Right. I’ve developed a functioning web tool to make canvassing and organisation a bit easier – and would welcome any and all help to improve it. I’ve created a stack of fake data – so anyone can jump in and improve its functionality, without exposing any of the real people’s names and addresses in the SSP or RISE’s database.


I’ve been working on a software project. It’s a system to ease preparation of canvass lists, store the data therein, and use the voting and information data later on. At the RISE conference yesterday, I did a short talk on it, and how it can be used. The slides are here. I’ll also be writing some training materials – so we can …