Biking to work

I’m a bit cheesed off that I have to travel nearly two and a half hours every day to work. I have to take two buses there and back, 30+ minute journeys each, and waiting time in connection. I try to make the best of it, by carrying a book or two, but I do miss my morning and afternoon bicycle rides to work. They were short enough to not get in the way, and long enough to build fitness, energy and power. Continue reading “Biking to work”

Oppression, equality and respect

There’s an acute shortage of socialists who aren’t fighting with one another. During the past four years of activism two things have become clear.

  • I’ve had no end of people being shut out and ostracised from politics because they’re ill-educated or say the wrong things without meaning to offend.
  • There’s no shortage of folk that are blinded by pious bullshit in the Scottish Left.

Continue reading “Oppression, equality and respect”

The European Question

It’s not been an easy choice. The Leave and Remain campaigns have been absolutely bereft of anything positive to say about the future of the nation either way.

I’m for Remain. But just barely – I do not endorse the EU as it is manifested. It’s nowhere near democratic enough. more weight could be placed on the power of directly-elected representatives in the parliament than the indirectly-elected ones in the Commission, for example. Continue reading “The European Question”

COMRADE – a brief explanation

Right. I’ve developed a functioning web tool to make canvassing and organisation a bit easier – and would welcome any and all help to improve it.

I’ve created a stack of fake data – so anyone can jump in and improve its functionality, without exposing any of the real people’s names and addresses in the SSP or RISE’s database. Continue reading “COMRADE – a brief explanation”