Year: 2015

  • COMRADE – a brief explanation

    Right. I’ve developed a functioning web tool to make canvassing and organisation a bit easier – and would welcome any and all help to improve it. I’ve created a stack of fake data – so anyone can jump in and improve its functionality, without exposing any of the real people’s names and addresses in the SSP…



    I’ve been working on a software project. It’s a system to ease preparation of canvass lists, store the data therein, and use the voting and information data later on. At the RISE conference yesterday, I did a short talk on it, and how it can be used. The slides are here. I’ll also be writing some training…

  • Indyref changed my life and I’m not going back in the box

    Indyref changed my life and I’m not going back in the box

    THE Scottish independence referendum campaign changed me. It wasn’t one moment that did so, it was a large collection of individual moments that, only when seen from afar, clearly changed my life. 2014 was the year I became a political activist worth a damn. It was also the year the paranoid proved to be prophets.…

  • Referendum Night

    Referendum Night

    I don’t think I’ve managed to get over that night. I’ve really tried to, by diving into political work – and trying to develop the tools and the means of organising, and fighting future elections.

  • Letter to local councillors on TTIP

    Dear Councillors McVey and Munro, I note that Councillor Booth has a motion for council decrying the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Most of our active intelligence on TTIP is piecemeal, the process has been secretive and undemocratic. This secrecy is on-going, with nearly all information on negotiations coming from leaked documents and Freedom…

  • Protected: Adventures of a hotel manager

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Objection to Robin McAlpine speaking with Sheridan

    Robin, I’ve got a great deal of time for you. You make an unconscionable case for a better way of doing politics and agitating for social and economic equality. But I protest your appearance at Tommy Sheridan’s Hope Over Fear rally tomorrow. You doubtless already know Sheridan is a convicted perjurer, misogynist and abuser. His…

  • One in Five campaign launch

    I’m pleased to be asked to support the One in Five campaign – a campaign to encourage, empower and increase political participation amongst disabled people in Scotland. The Scottish Socialist Party’s policy platform is a remarkably progressive and inclusive one with respect to disabled rights, therefore the One in Five campaign is a good fit…

  • Tattooed

    A guest post and short story. by Sandra Webster Gunter Hollinger had many regrets in his life. He had never married nor had children, he had seen little of the world apart from his corner of it.

  • Welcoming our revitalised networks

    In our pursuit of equality for all, we recognise the importance of rejecting discrimination other than from class. We reject the patriarchy, we reject discrimination of age, homophobia and race. We see the need to confront these actively in wider society, including vigilance inside our own party where they manifest or as individuals. Therefore we…